Five ways to combat that horrid Garbage Smell in your house by Kate Johns

Sitting in your house with your feet up relaxing, suddenly you smell a horrible smell. It wafts around the house creating a distinct, gross smell that disgusts you. Now it is up to you to find the source of that horrid smell.

Usually it’s really easy to find where the bad smell is coming from. Open the refrigerator, and you can see and smell foods  long gone bad.  Perhaps a container was knocked  over spilling the contents onto the shelf or the bottom of the refrigerator. Sometimes, the garbage itself smells. Perhaps it is an accumulated mess that has never been cleaned up.

Five ways to combat that horrid garbage smell in your house:

1. Follow your nose! Find out where the garbage smell is coming from. It could be an accumulated mess as seen on the reality TV show, Hoarders. Could be, the garbage in the garage or the smell of something rotten in the refrigerator.

2.Once you discover where the smell is coming from,  get it out of the house, unless it is the family pet, or a family member! Throw it into a large plastic bag, and place it into a garbage container in the garage or outside on the side of the house.

3.-Scrub the area the smell was coming from. If the awful smell was coming from the refrigerator , you will most likely have to scrub the inside of the refrigerator.

4.  Search for that smell! When you smell that horrid garbage smell, and you can’t find it anywhere  in your house, you will have to really search for the source of the smell. Sometimes it might be the garbage under the sink, the recyclables, or the smell of whatever someone poured down the sink the day before.  It may take two seconds to see what the source of the smell is. But it also might just be that the entire kitchen needs to be scrubbed.

5. Teach family members to clean up after themselves. Many times, the source of that horrid garbage smell has been caused by irresponsible family members. You know what I mean, the  messy people who leave numerous glasses, plates, and food containers in their bedrooms for weeks, waiting  for that magic cleaning fairy to show up to do it for them! Teach your family members to clean up their messes.

Combat that horrid garbage smell by keeping your house clean. Clean every room at least once a week. Put the garbage in the garage or in a garbage container outside. Utilize scented candles in your home to cover up that horrid garbage smell. Copyright 2012, written by Kate Johns, a freelance author since 2004.

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  1. So, if my husband is the bad smell, are you telling me I shouldn’t put him outside? Note to self!!

  2. Thank you for following my blog. I look forward to reading more of yours.

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