Teen Language, or New Slang Words used by Teens by Kate Johns

Teens have been expressing themselves in incredibly new ways since the 1960′s when parents suddenly discovered there was a new generation of people who called themselves teenagers. With those teens came a new attitude, new TV shows, like “The Monkees,” and a fresh new perspective on life. Oh yea, and with teenagers came doing drugs, getting down with it, and an entirely new language. Teens create new words every couple of years, or they borrow them from other generations, such as teens from five to ten years ago were taking words from the 1980′s and using them in their everyday bantering. Everything was awesome, like and what. Seems teens today can’t hear anything we parents say. So here is an updated list of new(ish) words teens are saying currently:



3.Eff that.

4. Tweet.

5. Who cares!


7.Gay. Everybody’s gay now, because it isn’t cool to be straight!

8. OMG! This means Oh my God. Was first used in abbreviated form on texts, now teens and young adults say this all the time.

9. LOL—an oldie but a goodie, laugh out loud, used in texts or regular language.

10. Ho-This means someone is a whore.

11. Sick—Looks cool.

12. Tight– Tight was around in the ’90′s, can’t believe this is still being used. Tight means in a relationship.

13. Tool—If you’re called this it isn’t a good thing, it means you are a geek.

14. Chillaxin’— relaxing

15. Chillin’—-Once again, relaxing.

That’s all I’ve got—-for right now, but I’m sure I will see, read and hear more slang, teen language around my house like,” Yo, Dude, can’t you see I’m chillin’ right now and can’t empty the dishwasher?”  Copyright 2013, written by Kate Johns a freelance author since 2004.

About katejohns

Kate Johns sold over 200 articles in her first two years of writing.She has been published on AOL.com, Zonder Travel,Love Magazine, Oatmeal Studios and Kate Harper Greetings.Currently Kate is busily preparing her new businesses of: Momzinga.com, West Branch Creative, and she is writing two books. Kates continues to write for her 5 blogs: KT1Writes.blogspot.com Millionaire Celebrities, Almost Naked Housework.WordPress.com, In a minute Mom.Wordpress.com, and Seriously music.WordPress.com. Contact information is; kjohnsinxs2@Gmail.com

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